Thank you for your interest in the May 16, 2023 Special District Election. I'm candidate for Curry Health District, Position 1.

I retired in 2017. I am a citizen of Port Orford and a customer of the Curry Health Network. I am concerned and interested in the well-being of my neighbors and fellow citizens as well as the oversight and management of the healthcare system and the services provided to us as customers of the Curry Health Network. 

A bit about my background: Science, especially Anatomy & Physiology, has always interested me. I began the 7th grade arguing with my counselor about taking a biology class. They said no, that it was a 9th grade subject but I insisted. There was a Science class on my schedule every semester from that point on until I graduated the 12th grade.

In the early 1980s, I was a medical center employee as I began my early career. I worked in medical records as a records technician in the incomplete records section, ensuring that every note was signed and every report was dictated, added to each chart and signed by the physician. I served as the correspondence secretary and became an assistant in the pathology laboratory as well as performing medical transcription. Word processing was in it's infancy and was my introduction to computer operations. During my employment there, I studied medical terminology and human anatomy & physiology. 

My experience with computer operations and word processing carried me into a new line of work, Technical Document Production at Northrop Corporation and then further into Market Research working for a private firm in Hollywood, CA which screened and researched feature films before their release to the public, whose clientele included numerous major movie studios.

During my time working at Northrop Corporation, I attended Long Beach City College (Long Beach, CA) and completed studies in pursuit of an Associates Degree in Computer Science.

In 1994, I relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where I owned, managed and developed small-scale real estate projects.

In 2012, I began permanently residing on a small farm in Ukiah, CA, which was my final home while living in Northern California. I had the joy of being a chicken farmer and a goat rancher on that property. Rural life was a long-held dream that I was able to fulfill. I've since retired to Port Orford where I intend to spend the rest of my life. What better place than the Southern Oregon Coast?! 

Why run?: Retirement allows me to accomplish things that I could not at any other time in my life. In March 2022, I was encouraged to run for public office. I had never worked in public service and felt that it was time to take my turn. I had never before campaigned much less been elected to public office. During the 2022 Primary Election, I had the honor of being elected the Democratic Nominee for the Oregon State House of Representatives, District 1. I was unsuccessful in my bid for the seat in the General Election but I am still compelled to participate in public service.

While campaigning in 2022, the voters I encountered in Coos, Curry and Douglas counties were mostly concerned with housing & homelessness. Only health, reproductive & mental care were as important to voters as housing & homelessness. The two issues were actually tied for 1st place. 

I appreciate the medical care that is available to us in Curry County. I believe that we can improve the availability, as well as the types of medical services & specialties that will support the needs of our citizens and should I be elected, I pledge to serve to that end. 

The League of Women Voters of Curry County will be holding a final Candidate Forum on May 2nd at the Curry Public Library in Gold Beach. Go to for details.

I look forward to meeting you and I appreciate your vote. Watch for ballots as they are mailed out beginning April 26th..!